Mikhail Kasianov visited JSC CHERNOMORTRANSNEFT

Дата публикации: 19 июня 2008

Russian Prime-minister Mikhail Kasianov, paid a brief business call to Novorossijsk last week, could not but visit Chernomortransneft JSC. Oil after all is dominant both for the Russian economy and policy and that is very naturally for the country – the second world exporter of hydrocarbons.
Kasianov has viewed export terminal, or rather, its shore part – Sheskharis. Oil is shipped to tankers of 30 -150 thousand tons dead weight from these seven berth of oil area.
Prime-minister has listened with great satisfaction the information on increasing of oil transshipment volume via the port of Novorossijsk up to 45 million tons against 32.
According to Chernomortransneft Director general Aliy Gamobramov, due to optimization of transporting and shipping processes they have increased 40% in growth.
But export “pipe” in Novorossijsk has operated at the breaking point. At present, when production volumes of hydrocarbon are extremely increased, Russia becomes aware of lack of pipeline transport capacity.
None of new trunk pipeline was built in our country in the period of 1985-1999 but it was not a problem since there was a reserve and oil production at that time was sharply reduced.
In one and a half ten years production of energy resources (prognoses made by RF Energy Minister Igor Yusufov at the Meeting of International Energy Agency in Paris lately) will increase by 30-35% and annual production volume will amount to half a billion tons (last year Russia produced 379 million tons of oil).
It is obviously that pipeline transport has to be developed by that of the rate. For a few years Transneft’s administration has been going out to the Government with new pipeline systems projects for example the Baltic Pipeline system has already built and commissioned. The other projects, subject to coordination, are export pipe to the North Sea at the port of Murmansk and to China. Simon Vaynshtok, head of Transneft, gives birth to an idea of construction of pipeline and oil terminal at the Far East. Having constructed oil terminal in Nakhodka Russia would have an outlet to oil market of APR.
As for Novorossijsk, now there are developed options of oil export increase via the port up to 60 million tons with simultaneous decrease of ecological stress to the nature. But it requires more investments (according to calculations from $409 millions up to $1,2 billions are necessary to increase capacity) for reconstruction of trunk pipeline systems.
Until now Transneft, went through the strict audit, was succeed in finding investments for construction: it used own capital, raised loans.
RF Presidetn Vladimir Putin, met with Transneft’s head Simon Vaynshtok lately, is very interested by perspectives of this Company. And now, having visited Chernomortransneft, the Premier had an opportunity to be certain of high potential of the company.
Mikhail Kasianov has also observed routine exercise on outflow elimination. Chernomortarnsneft has two vessels of environmental fleet, 20 km of harbor booms, 26 oil-gathering systems of 1000 m3 /h overall capacity. More than 20 emergency crews of Chernomortransneft has in their arsenal 40 tons of sorbents, 14 incineration units, with 7,5 thousand total cubic capacity of reservoirs for oil gathering. Routine exercises at oil terminal of Sheskharis are developed and executed jointly with the Russian Emergency Ministry and Administration of the port of Novorossijsk.
The exercises has impressed the prime-minister. The favourable effect was intensified by the information, that the ecological safety of production is the constant objective of solid vested interests of Chernomortransneft that agreed with general policy of Transneft management. For the last three years more than $400 million has been invested for the renovation of Chernomortransneft facilities. The company is equipped with modern protective and lockup systems from emergence modes. The prime minister has acquainted with operation of control divisions and marked high level of production and discipline. In his opinion people take a job at such an enterprises with great desire.

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